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On the verge of turning thirty, recently unemployed, and newly single, I was feeling absolutely gutted. I was in a vortex of negative self-talk and a diet of wine, pizza and chocolate cake. I knew I was chasing all the wrong things — career, relationships, vices … but I didn’t know how to stop. I had given up on myself and succumbed to a deep bout of depression.


With the help of talk therapy, a promotional deal at a new hot yoga studio, and an albeit shallow motivation to get a rockin’ break-up bod, I learned it doesn’t matter what you’re up against when you know what’s within you. Through daily intentional movement and a consistent self-care practice, I healed from an ultimate abandonment of self and learned to manage my anxiety and depression.


Having been a lifelong athlete and with advanced degrees in Kinesiology and Sport Administration, I had somewhere along the way lost sight of my core, and not the six-pack variety.  Through my own journey, I realized my true purpose is connecting with others and helping them find their internal strength.


Since my own breakdown to breakthrough moment, I became certified as a NASM Personal Trainer and received my 200-hour Yoga Teacher certification. Additionally, I have studied under the renowned yoga teachers Jillian Pransky (Restorative Yoga) and Ashley Turner (Yoga Psychology) completing over 500 hours of yoga training. 


This is my life’s mission- to help others find their true self. And with that, Sweat and Flow was born.


Sweat and Flow is an integrative approach to healing the mind, body and spirit through movement, yoga, meditation, and positive coaching experiences.

If you are ready to take the first step to creating lasting, positive change in your life - let me and my team be the ones to help lift you up. I continue to walk the path, I know the journey, and I know how good it can feel on the other side.


Come join the Good Vibe Tribe.

Amanda, Founder