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Learn how to awaken to your body-mind-spirit connection beyond the asana and alignment of a traditional yoga class. The Chakra System is the foundation of Yoga Psychology and is the pathway to heal issues, past traumas or imbalances that are keeping you from living life more FULLY.


Over the course of 8 weeks, we will uncover what obstacles are holding us back from our most fulfilled life. Using this knowledge we can tap into the healing power of the chakra system in an organized, practical and methodical way to experience powerful transformation.


This workshop series is perfect for the big dreamers, the manifesters,

and those who are ready to meet their highest Self.


Sessions take place Sundays from 12-3pm, beginning January 7, 2018. 

All sessions will be held at Beach Cities Yoga Studio in Hermosa Beach, California. 

BONUS - attend all 8 weeks (we understand, life happens sometimes) and receive a special curated gift plus a complimentary 30-minute private coaching session with Amanda.

Enrollment also includes a printed workbook and private accountability group on Facebook.

Each week will explore one chakra in its entirety, and includes a 75-90 minute asana practice followed by an interactive workshop where you will…

  • Learn specific mudras (hand gestures) and mantras (chants) for each chakra

  • How to incorporate essential oils (aromatherapy) in chakra activation and healing

  • Recognize over- or underactive tendencies of each chakra

  • Lifestyle considerations to balance an over- or underactive chakra

  • Understand the intersection of science (psychological development) and spirit (chakra) - how each chakra is associated with childhood development and rites of passage.

  • Attune to the emotional body and learn how unresolved emotions arise as physical symptoms.

Week One - ANCHOR - Themes will explore our sense of belonging, home, family and our physical body and environment.  Learn how to feel fully safe and secure no matter what happens. Asana practice will be invigorating and grounding with balancing sequences.

Week Two - PASSION - Themes will dive deep into our emotional body, revisiting and rinsing any unresolved emotions of our inner child. We will also visit sacred sensuality and how to tap into and embrace our passions. Asana practice will be fluid, breath to movement with hip opening sequences.

Week Three - POWER - Themes will focus on releasing the victim mentality to reclaim our power and magnetize the life of our dreams. Asana practice will be a strong, sweaty vinyasa with heavy emphasis on core work.

Week Four - CONNECTION - The bridge between the lower and upper chakras, the heart center is one of universal love.  We will review the deep inner work of the first three weeks to release blockages and limiting thought patterns. This week will explore opening the energetic center of the body and uncovering an awareness of unity of all things. Expansive asana practice will also incorporate backbends.

Week Five - DEEP LISTENING - Themes will be focused on reconnecting with our inner voice and self-expression. Learn how to set healthy boundaries and protect your energy from toxic people and relationships. Asana practice will be a creative storytelling sequence.

Week Six - IMAGINE - Learn how to listen and trust our intuitive, gut instincts.  Themes will continue to shift into our growth mindsets to think BIG PICTURE. Asana practice will be a safe, all-levels inversions class. Examples of inversions include downdog, crow/crane, handstand, shoulder stand, legs-up-the-wall.

Week Seven - AWAKEN - Themes will focus on strengthening our vessel in order to step into a level of pure consciousness and separateness from the material, ego world.   Discover tools to help maintain a deep inner peace and wisdom. Asana will be a vinyasa practice with elements of each chakra.

Week Eight - INTEGRATION - Reflecting on the key learnings from the past seven weeks, we will put together a clear action plan to step into our most fulfilled year yet! Asana practice will be shortened and conclude with a 30-45 minute yoga nidra (“yogic sleep”).