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5 Podcasts To Help Make 2018 Your Best Year Yet

December 12, 2017

Listening to podcasts has become one of our favorite past times while sitting in the seemingly never-ending Los Angeles traffic.  It's the best way to combat frustration and road rage - it's pretty difficult to get angry when you're listening to topics like how to live your best life and get more in touch with your spirituality! 



Podcasts are one of the fastest growing mediums in digital marketing - and for good reason, they are an excellent way to reach a broad audience. From documentary style series (who remembers the first season of Serial?) to a full range of topics ranging from true crime to business, there's truly a podcast for everyone. 



Whether you are spending a lot of time traveling this holiday season and need to help pass the time. Or if you are looking for inspiration with setting resolutions and goals for the New Year, here are a few of our favorite podcasts to add to your list! 



1. That's So Retrograde

Into all things woo-woo but also into all things pop culture? Elizabeth and Stephanie are two friends that keep it real, drop major knowledge, and maybe a few curse words along the way.  Guests range from astrologers, reiki masters, life coaches to nutritionists - and each episode ends with a Roses and Thorns segment that always induces a great, big belly laugh. This podcast is the perfect blend of sitting down with your best friends and getting advice from the "cool upperclassman."


2. The School of Greatness

Lewis Howes is a fellow Ohioan, who left the Buckeye state to build his lifestyle entrepreneur career in Los Angeles.  His guests include thought leaders in their fields - from industry leaders, fellow entrepreneurs and celebrities. We love his "5-minute Friday" episodes that are a quick pick-me-up of inspiration on how to achieve more greatness in your daily life. 


3. Oprah's Super Soul Conversations 

You seriously can't go wrong with Oprah. She is the Queen of all things soulful and spiritual. This podcasts takes conversations from her acclaimed weekly show on OWN, Super Soul Sunday.  Spiritual leaders and up-and-comers like Brene Brown and Glennon Doyle Melton have all appeared on the show. If you don't have cable and access to these brilliant conversations, the podcast is a can't-miss! 


4. Almost 30

Turning 30 and the breakdown that ensued was the impetus behind starting Sweat and Flow, so we totally get where the hosts, Krista and Lindsey, are coming from. The transition from your 20's to 30's can be a wild ride, and this podcast is here to help you navigate new frontiers into health, wellness, and living your best life. 


5. The Balanced Blonde Soul on Fire 

Do you want to set your Soul on Fire? Jordan Younger will definitely inspire you to do just that! She began as a vegan food blogger who developed an eating disorder and famously "broke vegan," to major fall-out from that community. She's rebounded to greater heights, successfully building a yoga and lifestyle blogging career. We love listening to her podcast and guests, as she continues to dive deeper into her spirituality and healing modalities.  It's a journey, we too, find ourselves on - so this weekly podcast is like listening to our own inner dialogue, but with the comfort of knowing we are not alone! 


We want to hear from you - what are podcasts are you currently subscribed to? 



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